HWY 91

A Western Swing Band

HWY 91 A western swing band. Photography by New England Studio Tom Raffelt

HWY 91: Plays Western Swing, a genre of music that evolved in the ’20’s and was in its heyday through the ’50’s, made popular by artists such as Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. More recently there has been a resurgence in this style through the efforts of groups such as Asleep at the Wheel. This music could be described as a merging of jazz and country. All of the band members have diverse musical interests and play in other groups in a range of genres, but their common interest in Western Swing brought them together to form HWY 91.

The band currently includes:
Tom Randall – guitar, electric mandolin, and vocals
Liza Constable – guitar and vocals
Doug Tanner – fiddle, chromatic harmonica, and vocals
Rich Sullivan – pedal steel
Steve ‘Zuber’ Armstrong – acoustic bass

Contact HWY 91 (603) 847-3312 or (603) 933-0721

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