General Information

From Tom Raffelt, New England Studio, Keene
(603) 355-1010 or (603) 499-1136

Manchester NH Bar Association

3 dates worked fine.  My suggestion perhaps NOT all on the same week as surely some members may be on vacation.

Manchester NH Bar Association

Photos are quick.  Most people are done with photos and choosing the photo within 5-10 minutes max.  I typically take about 10 photos to choose from.  They view photo instantly on laptop then choose.

Cheshire County Bar Association Composite photography New England Studio Keene NH

Cheshire County Bar Association

Each person gets the high resolution retouched file to use for any advertising they may need personally, ie their website, newspapers, etc.  Plus they receive a low resolution version (square) for Linkedin.

Manchester NH Bar Association

Options to purchase framed completed versions for their office are available. This was somewhat popular in Nashua. 

Cost per Headshot

$55.00   I believe Andy added $10 as a small fundraiser for NBA but that is obviously your call decision.  A typical headshot at a local Studio ranges $125-$180 

Cost for Frame

Framing is INCLUDED at no charge.  Frame is gold metal frame, size 30×40 with plexiglass. Andy upgrade to a wooden frame which added $100 

Our Studio 

We actually had 3 people go to our Studio in Keene for their headshot due to scheduling conflicts. 


Can not be stressed enough.