Youth Sport Photographers NH

Youth Sports Photographers in NH

We have photographed youth sports in New England and NH for 30+ years and have learned quite a bit. Below are just a few things we have discovered throughout the years:

  • Always start with the individual photos first. Someone is always late when it comes to Sports Photos. Team photo is last.
  • Team photos: we do not Photoshop someone into the team photo if they can not make it. The result looks fake and the players who were at the team photo will suffer with a poor looking team photo.
  • Retakes: New England Studio takes 2-3 photos of every player from little league teams up to high school sports photos. I can not remember the last time someone wanted a retake…it simply does not happen.
  • Post the schedules on Social Media and website PLUS give everyone photo envelopes with the date/time stamped on photo envelope.

Youth Sports Photo Products

New England Studio offers 50 sports products to choose from. You can see the on our Youth Sports Photography web page. View also a large gallery of sports photos HERE.

Feel free to contact Tom at New England Studio to talk about photographing your sports league or high school sports teams. (603) 499-1136

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