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HVAC construction work Boston

With large construction projects, many times there is a need for finished high quality photography to sign off on the project. For HVAC roof photography projects, a drone is almost a must have camera. The FAA requires the UAS (drone) operator to be Part 107 certified and have an RFID chip in the drone so it’s location can be tracked. These safety measures protect everyone.

HVAC roof project Boston MA

The quality and clarity of professional drones will yield ‘huge’ file sizes, guaranteeing sharp and crisp photos for the people examining the job project.

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FAA Website

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Business Group Photos

business office photos for publicity by New England Studio

Thanks to the advances in AI, we now have many more options for creating business group photos. In years past, we used to set up elaborate green screens which required a lot of office space and was quite time consuming. Now we simply stand the groups against a white wall and AI will separate the subjects from the background in the click of a mouse. After we have our transparent image, we simply match a background photo after purchasing this at a stock house such as Shutterstock.

business office photos for publicity by New England Studio

Technology has come a long way and knowing how to use it properly has allowed us to offer more to our clients. Feel free to call New England Studio at 603-499-1136. A big thank you to our friends at Masiello Employment Services.

business office photos for publicity by New England Studio

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