Outside School Photos

This year of Covid-19 was a challenge for elementary school pictures. Some of the schools wanted Outside School Photos for safety purposes. We needed to coordinate setting up a tent for the outside photos to keep out any bad weather. It was a great challenge but with the help of each school, we were able to pull it off.

Most importantly, everyone’s safety was paramount. This was a success. For more details visit our School Photography Page.
We are organizing our Fall 2021 school photo season right now. My guess is some of the schools may still want the outdoor elementary school pictures where others will go with the traditional studio look.

New England Studio has been photographing schools for over 33 years now.
Photographer Tom Raffelt is the sole person taking every single photo. We can photograph schools of up to 350 students per day. Give us a call at
(603) 499-1136. Serving Southern NH and VT

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