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Website Photo Updates

Website photo content makes a huge difference. The first impression by your clients viewing the page is irreplaceable. If ythe photos on your website are mostly taken with a cellphone, this will convey a message you surely do not want.

How to get the good photos: Your best option is to hire a professional photographer. They ‘should’ have the eye for what tells the story.

Communicate with the photographer: Having a clear goal is essential. In the case below, the client was looking for smiling happy folks to show their Elderly Housing properties were a positive experience.

Planning:  Ensure all of your talent (aka for models) is aware of what you are doing. They will be more comfortable knowing what is expected.

web photo content in blog for new england studio
Good website photo content counts.

New England Studio | Photography & Videography
(603) 499-1136 Tom Raffelt, Owner/Photographer.

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Tidewater Cleanout Somerville MA

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Tidewater Cleanout Somerville MA

Tidewater Cleanout in Somerville MA

Video production for Gardner Construction and Industrial Services of Chicopee MA. Contractual requirements for many construction jobs will require photo and video documentation of before and after the work is finished. This documentation protects both parties.

tidewater cleanout somerville ma
Documentation of the Jobsite for Contractual Purposes

Above photo shows the pre-construction state of the tidewater cleanout project in Somerville MA prior to any work being performed. This documentation is crucial to prevent any false accusations of the construction company destroying property.

Video Documentation: New England Studio is OSHA-10 and FAA Drone Certified to enter any jobsite while wearing correct PPE. See our Construction Photography page here.

Contact Us at New England Studio

New England Studio | Photography & Videography
(603) 499-1136 Tom Raffelt, Owner/Photographer.

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Vermont Cabinetry

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Vermont Cabinetry Video by New England Studio

Vermont Cabinetry – Custom Cabinets

Video production for Vermont Cabinetry of Walpole NH. Todays custom cabinetry goes far beyond convenience and functionality. Fine cabinetry has become the design centerpiece of many homes as designers incorporate custom cabinets into their plans for living space.

We produced this short Linkedin Video for owner Todd Walker at Vermont Cabinetry Tom Raffelt, photographer/videographer/editor. As is always the case in a video project, planning key. Whether it is a short Social Media video or a full length video production, you must preplan. Keep in mind some of the following considerations:

The Creative Approach: Who’s your target audience? What’s your objective? What do you want to happen when people finish watching your video? Will you be releasing cuts to social media? Develop your message accordingly.

Writing the Script: This is one of the most critical steps in your pre-production process. What’s the concept of the video? Does your script convey your core message?

Creating a Storyboard: Sketch out how the movie will go, frame by frame. Get really specific and dive into the detail with a shot list.

Voiceover: Will your video have a narrator? What do you want the audio of your video to sound like?

Location: Where will the video be filmed?

Preplan your Video Production

New England Studio | Photography & Videography
(603) 499-1136 Tom Raffelt, Owner/Photographer.

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Video for Vermont Cabinetry

Vermont Cabinetry Video

Vermont Cabinetry Video for Social Media

Vermont Cabinetry, a subsidiary of Dunning Displays
needed just a few still photographs for a custom kitchen recently installed at the Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow Vermont. We decided to create a very short Social Media video showing just 4 photographs, all taken by Tom Raffelt of New England Studio. Owner Todd Walker states At Vermont Cabinetry, our reputation for delivering the highest quality cabinets is our most important asset. Over the years, we have continually upgraded our materials and construction to ensure that there is no better product on the market.

Video Spec’s

  1. Video to be 720P HD for Social Media
  2. Editing contains intro MOGRT for the logo spin.
  3. Length of video under 30 seconds for quick Social Media.

Contact Us at New England Studio,

New England Studio | Photography & Videography
(603) 499-1136 Tom Raffelt, Owner/Photographer.

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product photography for NH
The ‘new’ office studio

Much of our product photography here in NH is on location. It’s much more convenient for
the client since all of their inventory is at their fingertips. The results for this
studio product photography is exactly the same as using a big elaborate studio. New England Studio arrives at your location fully prepared to deliver photography of your products.


product photography for NH
Client positioning their product.

With many products for photography, it is essential for clients/owners of the business to be in charge of exactly how they wish to have their items positioned. Think in terms of an Art Director which is the person responsible for overseeing the artistic aspects of a the products to photograph. Example is below.


product photography for NH
Finished product photograph

Finished Product for Photography
Above image is finished. This image is now on a transparent background which allows the client to position on any web page using whatever color background they choose. You can see more of these products and additional information on the JR Liggett website. All products by JT Liggett are 100% Detergent Free | No Synthetic Fragrances | SLS Free |  Does not strip hair of natural protective oils | GMO Free | Natural Ingredients


  • GMO Free – It’s Gluten free – and made from 100% natural edible vegetable oils.
  • No Animal Products, Preservatives, or Artificial Colorants
  • 100% Detergent Free
  • Will Not Strip Hair of Natural Protective Oils
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), DEA, or any other Petroleum based detergents
  • Shampoo Bars Reduce Plastic Waste
  • 100% Ecologically Correct.  Earth Friendly and People Friendly.
  • Simple to Use, produces a luxuriously thick lather, and rinses clean
  • Works well for gray and silver hair, permed, colored, or naturally curly hair.
  • Formulas for all hair types
  • Works well for people with allergies and sensitivities
  • Requires No Conditioners
  • Made by an Ethical and Ecologically Minded Company for the last 40 years.
  • J.R.LIGGETT’S is a ZERO WASTE Company

    Questions regarding Palm Kernal Oil – Sunflower Oil – or – Safflower Oil

See more regarding our NH Product Photography HERE.
Contact Us HERE or call (603) 499-1136 Tom Raffelt, Owner/Photographer.
New England Studio services all of NH VT and New England with photography & videography.

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