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Vermont Cabinetry Video by New England Studio

Vermont Cabinetry – Custom Cabinets

Video production for Vermont Cabinetry of Walpole NH. Todays custom cabinetry goes far beyond convenience and functionality. Fine cabinetry has become the design centerpiece of many homes as designers incorporate custom cabinets into their plans for living space.

We produced this short Linkedin Video for owner Todd Walker at Vermont Cabinetry Tom Raffelt, photographer/videographer/editor. As is always the case in a video project, planning key. Whether it is a short Social Media video or a full length video production, you must preplan. Keep in mind some of the following considerations:

The Creative Approach: Who’s your target audience? What’s your objective? What do you want to happen when people finish watching your video? Will you be releasing cuts to social media? Develop your message accordingly.

Writing the Script: This is one of the most critical steps in your pre-production process. What’s the concept of the video? Does your script convey your core message?

Creating a Storyboard: Sketch out how the movie will go, frame by frame. Get really specific and dive into the detail with a shot list.

Voiceover: Will your video have a narrator? What do you want the audio of your video to sound like?

Location: Where will the video be filmed?

Preplan your Video Production

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